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How to Winterize Your Jayco Trailer

by Jeremiah Blanchard

Jayco-brand trailers, pop-up campers and RVs all are suited for outdoor living. Many outdoors enthusiasts use them for camping and recreation; others call them home. For all the advantages of travel trailers, however, many lack efficient insulation for cold or harsh weather. If you plan to live or camp in your trailer year round you will need to learn how to winterize it for the colder months.

1. Park your trailer with the front end facing north. The front end is normally the most insulated area of a Jayco trailer. Plus, the long sides of the trailer won't be hit by the cold north wind. Also, try to find a spot to park your trailer that is behind a large barrier, such as a rock face or a tree, that will block the wind.

2. Use double-sided tape to attach heavy-duty plastic sheeting to your windows. This will insulate the windows and keep the cold from creeping in. Jayco trailers normally have window cranks that remove the window panes. Make sure the window panes are sealed tightly, as they can often come loose.

3. Remove the factory curtains and replace them with thick acrylic fleece curtains. Jayco trailers have a Velcro window treatment that can be simply peeled off from the extended window frame. After removing the factory curtains, cut acrylic fleece to fit. This provides additional insulation for the windows.

4. Close off the air vents that keep you cool in the summer. Buy vent covers for your model from your Jayco dealer and put them over the vents. If you can't find any Jayco covers for your vents, cut plastic sheeting to fit and apply it with double-sided tape.

5. Skirt your trailer's lower perimeter with plywood. Measure the area from the ground to the bottom of the trailer and cut the plywood to fit. This will greatly reduce heating loss through the floor. Jayco flooring is typically lower to the ground than other trailers.

6. Cover any exposed pipes and sewage lines with pipe insulation or pipe jackets designed for RVs and travel trailers. Most RV pipes are made of PVC and can crack easily in very cold temperatures. Your Jayco dealer may have insulation jackets suited for your model.

Items you will need
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Acrylic fleece curtains
  • Double-sided tape
  • Plywood


  • Put space heaters inside your Jayco trailer to minimize the amount of propane you use for heat. Keep space heaters away from flammable materials.


  • Never use automobile antifreeze, which will damage your coolant system. Use RV antifreeze.

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