How to Tow a Jeep Commander Behind an RV

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The Jeep Commander is a four wheel drive SUV. The vehicle is similar to the Grand Cherokee but it has a box style body with increased seating. The vehicle is ideal for RV users because it is capable of exploring back roads while still storing gear and seating several passengers. Several options are available for towing the vehicle behind an RV, and most of these options do not require advanced mechanical skills to prepare. Your RV and Jeep must be wired for towing if you plan on having all four wheels on the ground.

Items you will need

  • Car trailer

  • Tow dolly

  • Tow bar


Step 1

Tow the vehicle on a flat bed trailer. Attach the trailer the tow ball on the back of the RV and connect the electrical plug.

Step 2

Use vehicle ramps to drive the Jeep on the trailer. Store the ramps under the trailer while driving.

Step 3

Connect four straps to the Jeep using the front and back tow loops. Connect the straps to the hooks on the trailer and cinch them tight before towing. Also engage the parking brake while towing.

Tow Dolly

Step 1

Use a two wheel tow dolly to tow the Jeep. Attach the dolly to the towing ball on the back of the RV. Connect the electrical plugs.

Step 2

Extend the wheel ramps on the dolly. Drive the front wheels of the Jeep on the ramps. Stop when you reach the front of the ramp and place the vehicle in park. Also engage the parking brake.

Step 3

Drape the safety chains over the front wheels and attach the hooks to all four corners of each wheel pan. Remove the parking brake and place the vehicle in neutral for towing.

Tow Bar

Step 1

Attach the bracket for the tow bar to the front bumper of the vehicle with the included bolts. Attach the tow bar to the towing ball on the back of the RV.

Step 2

Have an extra person hold the tow bar. Drive forward until the mounting brackets are aligned with the tow bar.

Step 3

Insert the locking pins to connect the tow bar to the Jeep. Leave the vehicle in neutral for towing.


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