Skamper RV Specifications

Skamper RV Specifications

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Dutchmen Manufacturing, Inc., is among the players in the recreational vehicle (RV) and camper market. Since 1988, Dutchmen has developed a dozen different models of drive and tow campers. Among its most popular models are the Eco Skampers, which are trailer-hitch models of various sizes and capacities.

Eco 713 Model

The 2007 Eco 713FD is 14 feet, 9 inches long, with a height of 9 feet, 6 inches. It features a steel frame chassis with a sidewall of fiberglass and aluminum framing. The roof is one-piece rubber. There are four floor plan variations, and its sleeping capacity is three. The model includes a wet bath, toilet and shower.

The tank capacities are 9.4 gallons LP gas, 27 gallons of fresh water, 36 gallons of gray water and 22 gallons of black water. Its hot water heater capacity is six gallons.

Eco 716 Model

The 2007 Eco 716FD is the same height as the 713 FD but slightly longer at 16 feet. The chassis, sidewall and roof materials are the same as the 713 models. There are four floor plan variations. The extra length of this model allows for a maximum sleeping capacity of five.

Other features include a wet bath, toilet and shower. Model 716FD has the same tank capacities as the 713FD model.

Eco 718 Model

The 2007 718QB model is 18 feet, 7.5 inches long and features steel-frame chassis, sidewalls of fiberglass and aluminum framing, and one-piece rubber roof. The model has a sink, toilet and shower and a sleeping capacity of four.

It is the same height as the 713 FD and has a width of 84 inches. The gross vehicle weight rating is 4,840 pounds, with a curb weight of 2,974 pounds and a maximum cargo carrying capacity of 1,866 pounds.

Skamper's 2007 718FD model is also 18 feet, 7.5 inches long. It features the same steel frame chassis, fiberglass and aluminum sidewall and one-piece rubber roof. It has the same gross vehicle weight rating as the 718QB at 4,840 pounds. The curb weight is 2,976 pounds and a cargo carrying capacity of 1,864 pounds.

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