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How to Use a Mojo Duck

by Larry Anderson

Mojo ducks are decoys that have battery-operated spinning wings. Many hunters believe putting a Mojo duck among their traditional decoys makes the spread even more attractive to ducks because the wings are in constant motion, so the duck appears to be flying. Hunters also can put a Mojo duck near the water so that its wings splash the water, which makes others ducks believe the decoy is a duck that is landing.

1. Charge the battery of the Mojo duck before taking it into the field.

2. Set out regular duck decoys. J-shaped and U-shaped decoy patterns are especially popular for duck hunting, on land and in the water.

3. Stake the Mojo duck into the ground in the middle of your other decoys. Drive it into the ground firmly enough that a burst of wind won't topple it. The spinning decoy should be in the cup of the U or J shape.

4. Experiment with the height of the decoy, especially if you are hunting over water. Some days, a decoy that is 2 feet above the water will be best for coaxing ducks. Other days, setting the decoy so its wings hit the water when they spin is more effective.

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  • Duck decoys

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