What to Use for Bait to Catch a Wild Rabbit

What to Use for Bait to Catch a Wild Rabbit

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Many people think rabbits are cute little animals, but in reality they can be just as pesky as other nuisance animals. That is especially true for people who are trying to grow flower or vegetable gardens. Rabbits often nibble on flowers and vegetables, which can hamper their growth or kill them altogether. Many people set traps to catch such rabbits. The best way to lure rabbits into a trap is with bait.


Keep in mind that rabbits are herbivores, which means they eat plant material. You could place near your trap the bloodiest, juiciest piece of meat you can find and the rabbits will ignore it because they are not carnivores. You may attract raccoons and skunks, but not rabbits.


If there is one fruit that is especially productive for luring wild rabbits, it is apples. Dried applies work well, too. But wild rabbits are opportunistic feeders, so if you do not have apples at the ready, there are other options. Some of them include a peeled banana, peeled orange and berries such as raspberries.


If you are having problems with rabbits eating the vegetables you are growing, use those vegetables to bait them. Rabbits love to eat carrots, but they also will eat Brussels sprouts, cabbage and lettuce. Wild rabbits also will eat corn on the cob, so long as the husk is removed.


If other plants in your garden are being attacked by rabbits, use those plants to bait the rabbits. Some of the plants that can be used to catch rabbits include day lilies, impatiens, morning glory, pansies, roses, sunflowers and tulips.


No matter what type of trap you use, set some of the bait in front of the trap and some of the bait at the back of the trap -- or in a spot that increases the likelihood of rabbits springing the trap. If you have a few days, place bait and the trap in the area to be trapped two days in advance of actually beginning to trap. Once the rabbits are used to the bait and the trap being in the area, set the trap.

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