Gone Outdoors

Moultrie Camera Instructions

by Steve Brachmann

Moultrie is a respected brand name in the world of deer hunting, and has been providing game hunters with feeders and other equipment designed to increase the ease of tracking game. Moultrie game cameras can add to the hunting experience by informing a hunter of game travel patterns and the amount of deer in a local area. Moultrie cameras are easy to mount, set up and use to capture quality photos of nature.

Infrared vs. White Flash

Decide which camera type, either infrared lens or white flash, best suits your needs. Moultrie carries three different lines of cameras: the I-series, which offers infrared picture capabilities; and the D- and M-series, which both use white flash to capture pictures. White, or incandescent, flash can capture full color pictures at night with better resolution and quality than infrared cameras. However, they also drain battery life and are much louder than infrared cameras, which can scare off game. Infrared cameras can only capture black and white images at night, but have a longer battery life, softer sound and a quicker trigger time than white flash game cameras.


Use the mounting straps that came with your Moultrie game camera to prepare the camera for taking pictures. The mounting straps are elastic cords. The strap design makes tree mounting the easiest procedure, but any object that the mounting straps can be wrapped around to hold the Moultrie game camera tight against a surface will work. Another option is to purchase the Moultrie Camera Tree Mount, available for $60 as of 2009 at moultriefeeders.com.

Camera Settings

Use the full array of Moultrie game camera settings to customize your final product. Follow your model-specific owner's manual to find out how to access setting options on your particular Moultrie camera, as well as how to modify those settings. In the "Setup Date/Time" screen, adjust the settings to reflect the current date and time. Change this whenever Daylight Savings Time occurs, as this is not automatically changed. If your Moultrie camera prints out the temperature on pictures, you can access the "Temperature" screen to change the reading to either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The "Image Delay" screen will allow you to set the delay between pictures if the game stays within the camera's range. Reference your owner's manual to find out more model-specific settings.

Camera Use

Once mounted, turn the camera's switch to the "On" position to initiate power. Either with the "Mode" button, or on the "Mode" dial (this will differ based on your camera's model), select the "Auto" mode. Once you have done this, your camera will begin to take pictures based on the parameters you previously chose in the camera settings.