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How to Display Horse Show Ribbons

by Amy Cocke

You can get very creative about displaying your ribbons for other people to see. You probably won't want to display every ribbon you've ever won, but those ribbons that are closest to your heart can be put to grand display. Also, if you have a bunch that you really don't want to display, consider donating them to organizations that will reuse them for therapeutic riding centers and other nonprofit equestrian pursuits.

Ways to Display Your Ribbons

Hang your ribbons in your tack room, barn office or bedroom using a curtain rod or an unobtrusive but sturdy rope or wire. Group your ribbons either by show, the horse you won them on or placing. You can also temporarily hang ribbons on your horse's stall door or blanket bar, but leaving them for too long in the barn aisle can get them dirty or sun-bleached.

Frame your most special ribbons or take them to be framed. You can find businesses that specialize in framing horse show ribbons, but your local framing shop may be willing to help you as well.

Use an extra cooler rack to hang special ribbons. These are racks with four metal or wooden bars with chains through the ends that hold them together. The metal bars are best for hanging ribbons.

Look for people who sew ribbons together into quilts, wall hangings or other items you can display, such as those found on BarnSmart.com. The person you hire can help you come up with the best product for your ribbons.

Items you will need
  • Horse show ribbons