How to Make a Kayak Rack

by braniac
Kayak rack

Kayak rack

A kayak rack is a great tool to have to store your kayak and protect it while it's not in use. While it may cost hundreds of dollars to buy a commercial kayak rack, you can easily make your own and save big bucks. Just follow these steps to make your own kayak rack today.

Start by making a base for your kayak rack out of 3" PVC pieces. Because all kayaks come in different shapes and sizes, you'll need to customize your kayak rack to fit your needs. An average kayak would require a space between the two towers of about 7 or 8 feet. Measure your kayaks first though to get the right spacing. Construct your base by making a wide rectangle on the ground out of PVC pipe and elbow connectors. Leave two T connectors on each end of the rectangle for the towers.

Now construct the two towers that will make up the most important part of your kayak rack, the actual kayak holders. Your tower can be as short or as tall as you'd like, depending on how many kayaks you would like to store on your new kayak rack. A typical rack holds 6 kayaks, but yours could 2, 4, 8 or even more! The tower should be about 2 feet high for every two kayaks you will store. Every two feet put a 4 way connector in the pipe to allow for the kayak arms.

Now, attach the kayak arms. The kayak arms should be about 3 feet in length and will connect on both sides of the tower into the 4 way connectors. Again, you will have planned out originally how many kayaks will go on the rack, so cut this many kayak arms.

When you are finished, you may wish to paint your new rack instead of leaving it white. If you choose to paint it, try roughing the PVC up with a sander first to help the paint adhere better. If the rack will live outside, use a good UV resistant paint. Now have fun paddling!

Items you will need

  • 3" PVC pipe
  • 3" PVC connectors


  • Make sure to sand the ends of all your PVC cuts to get any burrs off