What Type of Oil to use in a Polaris Phoenix 200

What Type of Oil to use in a Polaris Phoenix 200

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Polaris has been building ATVs since the 1980s. Its Phoenix 200 is an entry-level two-wheel-drive ATV that is ideal for both recreational and trail riding. Maintaining your ATV properly assures you won't have a long walk home; an important part of regular maintenance is changing the oil using the correct product.

Engine Oil

The recommended oil for a Polaris Phoenix's engine is PS-4 Plus Performance Synthetic 2W-50 4-cycle oil. The engine requires 41 oz. of oil to fill its pan. If Polaris oil is not used the ATV may require additional oil changes to maintain its life. Never mix different brands of oil in your ATV.

Transmission Oil

The transmission in the Phoenix requires Premium AGL Synthetic Gear Case Lubricant. You need 18.6 oz. of this oil to fill the transmission reservoir, and the drain plug should be tightened to 18 foot-pounds of torque when reinstalling it.

Rear Gearcase Oil

The gearcase needs Premium ATV Angle Drive Fluid to operate properly. To fill the gearcase you'll need 4 ounces of this fluid. The gear case is located on the drive shaft for the rear wheels, and has a fill plug on top and a drain plug on the bottom

Proper Maintenace

An ATV is exposed to a tough environment for any vehicle; for this reason, it is important to maintain the machine according to the manufacturer's specifications. Consult the owner's manual for the appropriate maintenance schedule to assure your ATV operates properly.

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