How to Get Scuff Marks Off of a Motorcycle Helmet

How to Get Scuff Marks Off of a Motorcycle Helmet

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Although you buy a motorcycle helmet with safety in mind, chances are you want to keep it looking great so you can ride in style. Even with proper care, scratches and scuffs are bound to happen. Trying to remove these scuff marks with the wrong type of product -- such as a petroleum-based cleaner -- could break down your helmet's properties, keeping it from fully protecting you. There are several ways to remove those marks without compromising your safety.

Items you will need

  • Melamine foam cleanser

  • Sponge

  • Rubbing compound

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Plastic polish

  • Nonabrasive cloth

Step 1

Wet a sponge with a melamine-foam product. Wring it out, then rub it gently on the area you want to treat. The mild abrasive will remove the scuff mark without scratching the surface surrounding it. Gently dry the area with a clean cloth.

Step 2

Use a rubbing compound to remove scuff marks and scratches from your motorcycle helmet. Apply and remove the compound using a microfiber cloth. Carefully follow the directions on the product's label. Applying too much of the product could dull your helmet's surface.

Step 3

Apply a plastic-polishing product to remove scuff marks from your helmet's polycarbonate finish. Use a nonabrasive, lint-free, absorbent cloth to apply a generous amount of the product to the helmet's surface. Carefully follow the application directions on the label to ensure you achieve the desired result.


  • If you own a non-glossy helmet, do not use a rubbing compound. Doing so could give your helmet's flat finish a glossy appearance.
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