How to Make Waterproof Socks

How to Make Waterproof Socks

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Waterproof socks repel external moisture and keep your feet dry, a particularly useful property if you enjoy water sports like kayaking, canoeing or rafting. Rather than spending money to purchase expensive waterproof socks from the store, you can simply use a waterproofing fabric spray to turn your athletic socks into the perfect water sport socks. However, there is one thing to consider before proceeding. While waterproofing your socks will repel external moisture, it will also prevent the socks from wicking away the sweat from your feet. So if you have problems with excessively sweaty feet, waterproof socks will not provide you with any extra comfort.

Items you will need

  • Waterproofing spray

  • Paper towel roll

  • Pair of athletic socks

Step 1

Purchase a waterproofing spray formulated specifically for clothing. Most outdoor or sporting goods stores sell a variety of waterproofing supplies. Waterproofing sprays for outdoor furniture, tents or backpacks will make the socks stiff and uncomfortable.

Step 2

Choose a well ventilated area to work.

Step 3

Place a sock on a paper towel roll. Hold the spray can 6 inches way from the sock and apply in even strokes from the tip of the toe to the cuff all the way around the sock. If you have excessively sweaty feet, you can avoid the sole of the sock. The sock will still wick away the sweat, but once the insoles of your shoes become wet, so will your socks.

Step 4

Apply multiple coats, if desired. However, the more coats you apply, the more the socks may stiffen. Try on the socks between each coat to test the softness and pliability.

Step 5

Allow the spray to dry for the manufacture’s recommended amount of time before washing or wearing.

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