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How to Build a Chopper Bicycle

by Dan Falk

A chopper bicycle is reminiscent of the chopper motorcycle, with a longer front fork to accentuate a longer-bodied bicycle. Making your own chopper bicycle will require semi-difficult metal work, which may be time consuming because you need the proper equipment and you must be skilled at welding and grinding.

Metal Work

Cut 2 inches down from the head steering tube on the fork, cutting the fork clean off using a hacksaw or plasma cutter. Remove the front wheel and cut off 2 inches up from the fork tips (which hold the wheel in place). The head steering tube is the front side of the bike frame that connects the fork to the handlebars.

Weld one metal pipe to one side of the cut off fork that is still connected to the frame. Once finished weld the other metal pipe to the other side of the fork connected to the frame.

Weld the two fork tips, which are the smaller remaining pieces of the fork connected to the tire, one at a time to each of the metal pipes you recently welded to the frame, which serve as a front fork.

Smooth out the rough welding marks, using a metal grinder or sander, you've created on both sides of the newly added metal pipes. This will help make the newly elongated fork look as though it belongs to the rest of the bike.

Items you will need
  • Used working bicycle
  • 2 metal pipes, 1 inch by 3 feet
  • Plasma torch or hacksaw
  • Welding equipment: MIG or ARC
  • Metal grinder or sander
  • Welding helmet
  • Welding gloves
  • Safety glasses


  • To add aesthetic value you can paint your bike all the same color to match the metallic fork to the color of the rest of the bike. Also you can buy Ape Hanger handlebars and a new front rim to show off your newly elongated fork.


  • Remember when welding to wear your welding helmet and gloves and while grinding the metal to wear safety glasses.


About the Author

Dan Falk has been writing professionally since 2008. He was an editor for the "Daily Nebraskan," his university's local newspaper, and is an accomplished writer for the sketch comedy group 3Bettys. Dan graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he majored in English and filmmaking.