The Best Way to Cut Rubber Stall Mats

by Melissa Bajorek
Yoga Mat from Society6

Yoga Mat from Society6

Most stall mat manufacturers will provide you with cutting and installation procedures when you purchase mats. If you're trimming down mats to move them into a smaller stall or if you would like to use a new stall mat for a different purpose, such as a yoga mat, there are different cutting methods.

Small Jobs

A heavy duty utility knife is fine for single stall mats.

To cut a single rubber stall mat, use a utility knife with a straight blade. You'll need to slice at the mat several times to get the knife through. This is a perfect method for cutting one or two mats.

Multiple Mats

Use jigsaws or reciprocating saws when replacing all your mats.

For multiple mats, use a reciprocating saw or a jigsaw. Specialty blades are available for cutting rubber stall mats.

Custom Cuts

To make custom rubber mats, use a tape measure, straight edge, chalk and your utility knife. Stall mats should be tight-fitting. Measure your oddly shaped stall thoroughly, and use the chalk to mark out the template on the rubber stall mat, then cut.

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