Coleman Tent Trailer Specifications

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Coleman has been building camping trailers since the 1970s and according to the company, it has produced North America's top-selling folding camping trailer every year since 1979. A variety of Coleman tent trailers are equipped with features that can make camping more comfortable than if you were using traditional tents.


As of 2010, five different series of trailers are sold by Coleman: the Evolution Series, the Destiny Series, the American Series LE Series, the Americana Series and the Highlander Series. Each trailers series features two or three different models.


The Avalon is the largest tent trailer manufactured by Coleman. It weighs 4,600 lbs. The Cobalt is one of the smallest tent trailers Coleman produces; it is 2,300 lbs.

Dimensions and Storage

Opened fully, the Avalon is 28 feet, 10 inches long and 10 feet, 6 inches wide. It has 46 cubic feet of storage capacity. The Cobalt is 16 feet, 9 inches long and 7 feet, 5 inches wide. It will hold 26 cubic feet of storage.

Construction Features

Construction features of both the Avalon and Cobalt trailer tents include a heavy-duty tubular steel chassis, Krystal Kote sidewall body panels, slipper leaf spring suspension, full-perimeter aluminum body and bed rails, and a one-piece fiberglass skin roof; they also come with a propane tank and a spare tire with a vinyl spare tire cover.


Camping trailers are relatively easy to set up and pack up, and they can be towed with a modestly powered car or truck. You can easily store your camping trailer in your garage to protect it from the elements.

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