Viking 2470 Pop-Up Camper Specifications

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Viking makes a series of pop-up and hard shell campers. Among these products are the Legend line of pop-up style trailer-campers. The 2470 is a discontinued model within the Viking Legend series. Fold-out sleeping quarters and a low profile for towing are notable traits of the 2470 and the Legend line of campers.

Closed: Travel Specifications

When the 2470 is in the travel position, the fold-out sleeping quarters are packed into the trailer and the roof collapses down to the hard shell. This gives the camper a low profile, leading to better air flow and better gas mileage for the tow vehicle. The 2470's travel specifications include a height of 55 inches, width of 85 inches and a length of 18 feet, 3 inches.

Open: Camping Specifications

When the 2470 is open, the profile is referred to as the open, or camping, setup. Specifications for the 2470 when open include an interior open height of 6 feet, 10 inches and an interior length of 24 feet, 5 inches. The front sleeping area is 70 inches by 80 inches and the rear sleeping quarters have the same 70-inch by 80-inch dimensions.

Hitch, Cargo and Tow Weights

The 2470 has a tow hitch weight of 200 pounds, an axle weight of 2019 pounds, and a cargo capacity of 1081 pounds. The 2470 uses two ST175/80D13 tires with a five-bolt wheel pattern.

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