Viking 1906 Pop-Up Camper Specs

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Viking Recreational Vehicles sells its 1906 models of pop-up camping trailers under its "Epic." This line includes the Epic 1906 and Epic 1906 ST. Both of these campers connect to a car or truck hitch for towing to campsites. Once parked, each unfolds to create an interior cabin for sleeping, cooking and dining while camping.

Standard Specs

Viking builds both Epic models on a tubular steel frame with walls made from laminated aluminum, a laminated one-piece fiberglass roof and a one-piece floor. Each model features electric brakes and aluminum rims for its radial tires, and it connects to a hitch and also includes a pair of safety chains. The company equips each with an E-Z crank jack for fast assembly. The interior of each model features linoleum floors, laminated countertops, an electric-fan roof vent, cabinets with hardwood doors and quilted mattresses.

1906 Specs

Each 1906 model weighs 1,454 pounds with a 116-pound hitch weight and a 642-pound carrying capacity. When closed, this model stretches 12 feet 8 inches in length and has a height of 4 feet 8 inches. The 1906 expands to a length of 17 feet 11 inches when open. It has an overall width of 85 inches. The interior provides sleeping space for up to six in a pair of wings that fold out. One wing contains a double-size insulated bunk, while the other offers a full-size bunk. Each 1906 includes a fold-down 38-inch-wide, 64-inch-long table with bench seating on either side. These benches contain stowing compartments. A sink and electric burner sit adjacent to this seating area.

1906 ST Specs

1906 ST Specs

The 1906 ST models weigh 1,601 pounds with a 220-pound hitch weight and a 599-pound carrying capacity. These models span a length of 14 feet 10 inches and have a height of 4 feet 8 inches when closed. Once opened, the Epic 1906 ST stretches 17 feet 11 inches in length. Like the 1906, the ST models span an overall width of 85 inches. An Epic 1906 ST shares the same interior configuration of the 1906, providing a 38-inch-by-64-inch table with bench seating and stowing compartments. This model also sleeps six in the wings, which offer a double-size and full-size bunk setup. A sink and twin-burner electric stove top sits adjacent to the table and offers storage compartments underneath. The optional refrigerator can sit underneath the stove top in both the 1906 and 1906 ST.

Optional Features

Viking sells its 1906 line of campers with a number of optional features. Buyers can purchase the "Essentials Package," which equips the 1906 Epic models with a 1.9-cubic-foot Dometic Refrigerator, a 20,000-BTU furnace, a retractable awning and a spare tire. Other available options include a hot water heater, electric flush toilet, a gas grill and a power lift. Optional convenience items consist of a heated mattress, four-speaker Sony AM/FM CD player stereo system and privacy flaps for each bedding area.

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