How to Use a Turkey Diaphragm Call

Calling is one of the most popular methods by which hunters target wild turkeys, and diaphragm calls are among the most popular of the calls hunters use. To use these calls, hunters place them in their mouths and, after practice, are able to imitate a wide variety of wild turkey sounds--including cutts, clucks and purrs--without having to use their hands. It'll take time and practice, but you can become proficient with a turkey diaphragm.

How to Use a Turkey Diaphragm Call

Place the call in your mouth so the rounded end faces your throat and the flat end faces outward.

Use your tongue to move the call about halfway back in your mouth, then to hold the call gently against the roof of your mouth.

Exhale a deep breath from your diaphragm and make the same sound as if you were saying a word that began with the letter H.

Place varying amounts of pressure with your tongue on the diaphragm call to make different sounds. You should feel the call vibrating on your tongue.

Lick your lips, lock your teeth and say the word "putt" as you exhale. This will create one of the most common turkey sounds, the cluck.

Exhale air from your diaphragm and flutter your lips to create another common sound, the purr.

Create the cutt sound by making cluck sounds in quick succession.


  • Take care not to swallow your diaphragm call. If you are using the call in a hunting situation, make sure you have the proper licenses for turkey hunting.


  • Practice using your diaphragm call before you go into the field. The call is a difficult one to learn and failure to use it correctly could scare turkeys away.

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