How to Throw a Pocket Knife

How to Throw a Pocket Knife

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Knife throwing is often considered to be an activity that military and other specialized personnel engage in. However, knife throwing is also a sport that is enjoyed by many people and can be used to play a game similar to darts. Pocket knives can make good throwing knives, as they are typically lower in weight than many fixed-blade knives. Throwing a pocket knife is performed in much the same way as throwing a fixed-blade knife.

Items you will need

  • Throwing target

  • Safety glasses

  • Folding knife

Select a location that is clear of obstructions and provides room for throwing the pocket knife. Position a throwing target at a distance based on personal preference. Begin with a target that is 10 or 15 feet away as a rule of thumb.

Stand with your feet side-by-side and shoulder width apart. Hold the pocket knife in your dominant hand. Grip the knife by the handle and hold it firmly.

Slide the foot that is on the same side as your dominant hand back until your toes align with the heel of your opposite foot.

Point the knife and your opposite hand both toward the target.

Raise the pocket knife up and behind your head. Avoid raising your elbow by keeping it next to your side. Do not bend your wrist during the motion. Lower your opposite hand as the knife is brought back.

Bring the knife forward with a quick motion toward the target. Release the pocket knife as it comes down and nears the direction of the target. Release the knife with a snap of your fingers, but avoid snapping your wrist.


  • Continue the follow through motion of the throwing arm as this can be an essential part of getting the pocket folding knife blade to stick in the target.
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