How to Close a Gerber Knife

How to Close a Gerber Knife

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Gerber makes knives in several different styles and shapes and for different purposes, including knives for hunting, camping and technical needs. Some knives come with a variety of guarantees on them in case of defect or accidents. Opening the knives can be simple enough, but closing them can be a bit tricky if you don't know a lot about knives.

Items you will need

  • Gerber knife

Open the knife by pressing the small silver button. Be sure to hold the knife away from your body so you don't cut yourself.

Look for a piece of metal that is leaning to the side and bracing the blade. It should be on the inside of the knife handle when you hold the sharp side of the blade up.

Use your fingernail to pull the piece of metal all the way to the opposite side. Typically, the metal will be leaning toward the right; you must pull it left. Hold the metal to the side and use your other hand to pull the blade back into the handle.


  • Exercise caution when using knives to avoid injury.


  • There are several kinds of Gerber knives, so the best option is to refer to your manual or instructions that came with the packaging.
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