How to Use SKS Rifle Conversion Kits

SKS rifles were the primary battle rifles of the Soviet army during the 1950s. The SKS rifle is semiautomatic, has a conventional wooden stock and an internal 10-round magazine. The SKS is very popular among American shooters due to its reliability and ease of use. You can convert your traditional SKS rifle to a high-tech battle rifle by converting the stock and changing the internal magazine to a high-capacity detachable magazine (it is recommended that you check your local laws concerning capacity before changing the magazine). Before working on your SKS rifle, check to make sure that the weapon is unloaded.

Stock Replacement

Put on the safety, located behind the trigger, and push the trigger group release button behind the trigger guard.

Simultaneously pull the bolt rearwards and the magazine down. The magazine will pivot forward.

Separate the receiver and barrel from the original stock. Turn the small lever, located on the right side of the rear sight, to its lowest position and remove the gas tube assembly.

Take the original hand-guard off the gas tube assembly and replace it with the new hand guard, use the original hand-guard bracket to attach the new one.

Put the gas tube assembly back into place and move the small lever back to its original position.

Put the receiver and barrel securely into the new stock. Place the trigger group into position and seat it by lightly tapping the bottom. Your new stock is now installed.

Place the front end of your detachable magazine into the front of your stock and pivot the magazine to the rear until it locks into place. The detachable magazines are designed to mimic the design of the original internal magazine. If you choose not to install a detachable magazine, reinstall your original one in the same manner.


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