How to Disassemble a Star Firestar Pistol

How to Disassemble a Star Firestar Pistol

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The Star Firestar pistol is also known as the Star M43 Firestar, or Firestar M43. This pistol was originally manufactured by Star Bonifacio Echeverria in Spain, imported by INTERARMS of Alexandria, Virginia. The pistol mimics the look of a compact style M1911, though many features are quite different. The Firestar M43 fires a 9 mm round and is a single-action semi-automatic pistol. The disassembly for this weapon is relatively similar to many 9 mm semi-automatic pistols made by various manufacturers.

Step 1

Remove the magazine by depressing the magazine lock button on the pistol grip. Pull the receiver to the rear and lock it into position with the thumb latch on the top of the pistol grip, just under the receiver. This is the same act as cocking the weapon. Look in the chamber and ensure that all ammunition has been removed.

Step 2

Cock the slide (receiver) back until the reference line on the side of the slide is in conjunction with the corresponding slide on the frame of the pistol. Press the slide stop shaft with your finger on the right of the weapon to the left. This will protrude the slide stop shaft partially on the left side of the frame.

Step 3

Pull the slide stop shaft out of the weapon completely from the left side of the weapon. Slide the receiver off of the top of the frame by pushing it forward.

Step 4

Remove the buffer and spring assembly from the receiver. The buffer is a long tubular piece wrapped in a spring. This is seated by itself and held in place by the buffer's plunger. Simply pull it up and it will come free.

Step 5

Remove the bolt/barrel of the weapon. This piece will easily pull out once the buffer and spring have been removed.

Step 6

Remove the firing pin and safety. Shift the rear sight to the right or left while keeping your finger in place over the center on the end of the frame. Place your finger right below the sight on the end of the frame and shift the sight. The pin and spring safety will eject against your finger. Pull it out carefully.

Step 7

Remove the magazine catch by depressing the magazine lock button on the side of the pistol grip. Insert a screwdriver into the magazine lock button and turn it just one quarter turn counterclockwise. Remove the magazine catch and spring by pulling to the left.


  • Never attempt maintenance on a loaded weapon.


  • Consult your Firestar owner's manual for detailed instructions on how to disassemble your Star Firestar pistol.
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