How to Break Down a Remington Sportmaster 512

How to Break Down a Remington Sportmaster 512

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Introduced in 1940, the Remington Sportsmaster 512 rifle fires .22 short, .22 long and .22 long rifle rounds. If you have not used your rifle in awhile or have neglected to maintain it, you should disassemble it to clean its action and ensure its safe operation. Inspect the rifle for broken parts or rust before attempting to fire it. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation carries replacement parts for the Remington Sportsmaster 512.

Items you will need

  • Large flat head screwdriver

  • Medium flat head screwdriver

  • Jeweler's flat head screwdriver

  • Punch

  • Hammer

Ensure the rifle is unloaded. With the muzzle pointing in a safe direction, open the bolt and visually inspect the chamber to make sure no rounds are present.

Remove the bolt. With the bolt open, squeeze the trigger and pull the bolt to the rear until it comes free from the receiver.

Remove the magazine follower assembly. Turn the assembly counter-clockwise until the retainer notch lines up with the slot on the tube. Pull the assembly completely out of the rifle.

Detach the stock. Using a large flat head screw driver, unscrew the large screw on the bottom of the stock. Separate the receiver/barrel assembly from the stock.

Remove the cartridge stop assembly. On the left side of the receiver, use a medium flat head screwdriver to remove the cartridge stop screw. Use a jeweler's flat head screw driver to lift out the small spring and cartridge stop.

Remove the magazine tube. Use the jewelers' flat head screw driver to loosen the small screw on the bottom of the receiver. Slide the magazine tube out of the rifle.

Remove the trigger assembly. Carefully note the correct placement of the trigger assembly parts before removing them. Use a medium flat head screw driver to remove the sear pivot screw and sear stud. Use a punch and hammer to drive out the trigger pivot pins.

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