How to Use a Ghost Ring Sight

How to Use a Ghost Ring Sight

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One type of open rifle sight is called a ghost ring sight, which is a two-part sight that hunters often use. The sight includes a circle-shaped aperture called a ghost ring that is affixed to the top of the gun near the stock. The other part of the sight is a post that is located near the part of the rifle from where the bullet is fired. Ghost ring sights are more accurate than sights that are completely open, but less so than high-powered rifle scopes. Still, hunters who become accustomed to ghost ring sights can shoot animals effectively with them.

Press the butt of the rifle against your shooting shoulder. Place your index finger close to the rifle's trigger. Hold with your other hand the rifle near where the stock and barrel come together.

Look with your dominant eye through the ghost ring.

Aim the rifle at your intended target.

Look through the ghost ring and down the rifle barrel, so that you see both the sight post and the target. Level the post on the spot on the target you want to hit.

Maneuver the rifle barrel up or down so the post is centered in the ghost ring.

Pull the trigger.

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