How to Use the TruGlo Bow Sights

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The TruGlo sight company manufactures sights for both rifles and bows. The sights incorporate fiber-optic tubing, which amplifies ambient light in low light or dark conditions. Some sight models also incorporate LED lights to enhance the fiber-optics. These sights allow for greater optical sight pin vibrance, making it easier to sight in your target in dimly lit conditions. Using the TruGlo bow sight involves sighting in your bow, chasing the arrow and adjusting both the windage and elevation knobs to get a true sight picture.

Items you will need

  • TruGlo sight

  • Bow

Set your target out at a 30-yard distance. Position your body in your preferred shooting position. Draw your bowstring.

Look through the peep sight if you have one installed on the string. Center the peep sight onto the 30-yard pin of the TruGlo sight.

Maneuver your bow to position the 30-yard pin onto the target bull's-eye as you look through your peep sight, if applicable. If you don't have a peep sight, position the 30-yard pin on the bull's-eye.

Fire the arrow. Note the arrow placement in relation to the bull's-eye.

Adjust the elevation up if your arrow lands low on the target. Loosen the elevation knob and slide the sight up. If the shot lands high, slide the sight down. This is known as chasing the arrow.

Loosen the windage knob. Slide the sight left or right to move your arrow to the desired position on the target. Remember, if you need the arrow to move left, move the sight left. The same is true for the right.


  • Never point a bow and arrow at anything that you do not intend to shoot or kill.
  • Never dry-fire a bow unless this action is allowed by the manufacturer.


  • Some TruGlo sights have adjustable sight pins that you can remove or move to a desired range. Other models offer larger sight pins if you have trouble seeing the smaller pins.
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