How to Remove Rifle Sights

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Rifle sights come in a variety of styles, and the most popular are what are termed "open sights" or "iron sights." These sights are the typical blade and notch variety that come stock on most rifles. When mounting a scope or a different type of sight on your rifle it may become necessary to remove the rifle sights that are already on the gun. Thankfully this will not require a trip to the gunsmith, as the process is fairly simple and straightforward.

Items you will need

  • Gun vise

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Metal punch

  • Hammer

Place the gun in the vise, sight side facing up and secure the jaws around the gun tightly.

Use the Phillips screwdriver to loosen the two mounting screws at the base of the rear sight rail (this applies regardless of what type of sight you are using). Slide the rear sight off of the sight rail and set it aside.

Move to the front of the barrel where the blade or bead sight is located. Place the end of the metal punch against the side of the sight and peck the end of the punch with the hammer to slide the blade out of its mount in the end of the barrel.


  • Be extremely careful when handling a firearm and always assure that the rifle is unloaded before commencing work on it.
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