Oil Requirements for a Yamaha Four-Stroke Outboard

Oil Requirements for a Yamaha Four-Stroke Outboard

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Yamaha produces nine models of four-stroke outboards. These engines fit onto the transom of small recreational boats. Yamaha recommends oils that have a Four Cycle-Water (FC-W) rating. This rating meets all requirements and industry standards specified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. An FC-W oil is designed to lubricate in a variety of marine conditions.

Yamalube 4-M FC-W oil

This is an FC-W oil produced by Yamaha for their high powered four-stroke engines. The oil is an SAE 10W-30 oil that provides protection during cold starts and operating the engine with heavy loads. The oil has an additive that fights corrosion and the wear and tear associated with marine outboards. The 4M-FC-W oil also resists foaming at high speeds. Foaming can degrade an oil's lubricity.

Yamalube 4M FC-W Synthetic oil

This is an FC-W-rated synthetic oil produced by Yamaha that is SAE 5W-30 rated. It is mineral oil based and has increased lubricity, which boosts fuel economy. This multi-climate oil contains additives that fight rust and corrosion and reduce foaming during high-speed runs. Yamalube 4M works well in other Yamaha four-stroke outboards as well as inboard engines.

Amsoil WCF Synthetic oil

Amsoil produces this synthetic 10W-40 oil for four-stroke outboards. The oil provides protection during harsh marine conditions. The Amsoil oil is an FC-W rated oil that withstands high RPM runs and provides high viscosity protection. The oil has additives that protect against wear and tear and guard against rust. Amsoil recommends this oil for gas fueled four-stroke engines as well as when SAE 15W-40 or 25W-40 is required.

Honda FC-W oil

Honda produces an FC-W marine oil that is 10W-30 in weight. It has anti-rust, oxidation inhibitors and anti-foaming additives. Tested and recommended by Honda for their engines, the oil is compatible with Yamaha four-stroke outboards.

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