Styles of RV Dinettes

by Monica Wachman
Fifth wheel trailers usually have their dinettes along the side.

Fifth wheel trailers usually have their dinettes along the side.

Like many pieces of furniture in a recreational vehicle, an RV dinette has a dual function. The innovative construction lets you quickly turn the table and seats into a comfortable bed. The size and shape of your dinette, as well as its placement, is determined by the type of RV and, in some cases, by personal preference.

Class B Mini Motor Home Dinettes

Class B motor homes are the smallest, built usually on a van chassis. Dinettes in these are almost always placed across the back of the RV. In some models, a power sofa and side seats surrounding a table forms the dinette. By removing the table and extending the sofa the entire area converts into a bed. Some models offer two seats along the side of the van and a table in the middle. The table is removed to create a sleeping area with two twin beds. In some Class B’s, such as the Roadtrek, the two front seats swing around to face two other chairs. A table, inserted into the floorboards on a long pole, sits in the middle and completes the dinette. In this case travelers have the option of eating in either the front or back of the RV.

Class C Motor Home Dinettes

The next step up in size is the Class C motor home. These are longer, wider and have more amenities. Some Class C motor homes also have slide-outs which increases the interior space when parked. Dinettes are typically placed along the sides of a Class C, either inside the slide out or on the opposite wall. Dinettes can be bench style, two side seats with a table in the middle, or in a U-shape with seats on three sides. Both styles fold down to make a bed. The table is lowered to fit into the seats and the back cushions cover the table to make a flat sleeping surface.

Class A Motor Home Dinettes

Class A motor homes are the mini mansions of the open road. Some are 40 feet long and can cost several hundred thousand dollars. Most have multiple slide outs and in almost all cases, the dinette will be placed in one of them. Placement is usually across from or adjacent to the kitchen area. The U-shaped dinette and the bench seat styles are both used. In some of upper end models, such as the Charleston Class A made by Forest River, free standing dinettes that look like a café table and chairs are offered. These do not fold into a bed.

Dinettes in Trailers

The styles of RV dinettes used in travel trailers are virtually the same as in motor homes and are governed by the same rules. Both types of RVs have similar floor plans, slide-outs and come in various lengths. The smaller trailers tend to have dinettes similar to the Class B motor homes. The larger and more deluxe units, such as the fifth wheels (trailers where the hitch is attached to the inside of a pickup truck bed) follow the dinette styles and floor plans of the Class C and Class A rigs.

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