Instructions for Starcraft Pop Up Awnings

Instructions for Starcraft Pop Up Awnings

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Starcraft pop-up camper awnings come from a variety of manufacturers and are a simple, inexpensive upgrade to your RV. Bag awnings are easy to install and quick to set up with either one or two adults pitching in. Install an awning to your Starcraft pop-up camper to increase your outdoor living space and gain protection from light rain and strong UV rays while still enjoying the great outdoors. Complete your awning installation in an afternoon.

Items you will need

  • Bag awning

  • Drill

  • Top sockets

  • Lower sockets

  • Measuring tape

  • Marker

  • Drill point screws

  • Stakes

Assemble the awning and roll it up into the attached awning bag. Zip the awning bag closed. Slide the awning bag tube into the awning rail on your camper.

Screw the top set of sockets into the camper at each end of the awning, directly beneath the awning rail. Face the large socket groove down.

Open the camper. Measure and mark between 49 and 51 inches below the top set of sockets. Screw the lower set of sockets into the camper on those marks.

Screw a drill point screw into one end of the awning to secure it to the rail for travel. Repeat for the opposite end.

Open the awning bag and unroll the awning. Extend the awning legs to your desired height and lock into place. Extend the rafter poles and push them into the top brackets on the camper. Lock them into position to secure.

Place the ground legs into the lower sockets or stake them to the ground to secure them in place.


  • Roll up your Starcraft awning in high winds.
  • Lower one or both corners of the awning when it is raining to prevent water from pooling.
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