How to Stop Oil From Burning in an ATV

How to Stop Oil From Burning in an ATV

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Several factors can cause oil to burn in an ATV, including ruined spark plugs, low or dirty oil, and irregular maintenance. Burnt oil is unsafe not only to your ATV, but to you as well. A few simple procedures can fix the problem.

Items you will need

  • Replacement spark plug

  • Oil filter

  • Spare bottle of oil

Step 1

Learn as much as you can about your particular brand of ATV. Find out if your engine is four-stroke or two-stroke. Two-stroke engines usually require that you add oil to the gas or injector reservoir, while four-stroke engines just need oil in the crank case.

Step 2

Check your oil levels frequently by reading the dipstick or looking at the oil level window, depending on what type of oil gauge you have for your brand of ATV. Change the oil and oil filter when needed. Keep a spare bottle of 10-30 weight oil with you at all times and fill up as needed.

Step 3

Change the spark plugs regularly, since gummy spark plugs can cause low engine performance and problems with oil. As soon as you purchase your ATV, look up the model number for the spark plug on your ATV and keep a spare with you at all times.

Step 4

Fill your tank only with regular gasoline, unless your manufacturer specifies otherwise. Avoid premium grades since they tend to burn hotter.

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