Specifications of the Yamaha Venture 480

Specifications of the Yamaha Venture 480

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The Yamaha Venture 480 were built by Yamaha as an entry-level touring range of snowmobiles. Models, such as the Venture VT480R were released onto the market equipped with 485 cc, but the range was later superseded in the early 2000s by the Venture 500 models. The Yamaha Venture 480 is capable of travelling at a maximum speed between 80 and 85 miles per hour.

Engine Specifications

The Yamaha Venture 480 possesses a 485-cc, two-cylinder, two-stroke engine. The Venture VT480R model is capable of generating 1,600 +/- 100 idle rpm, 3,400 engagement rpm and 6,850 shift rpm. In contrast, the Venture VT480S, Venture TF VT480TF and Venture GT VT480G, all released onto the market in 1992, generated up to 6,800 shift rpm. In addition, the Venture TF VT480TFT only generated 2,900 engagement rpm. All Venture 480 engines use an air-coolant system, and an electrical ignition system.


Models available from 1987 and 1996 possessed oil-injected engines equipped with a Mikuni, BM38-32x 2 carburator, with a main jet of 143.8 and a pilot jet of 95. The pilot air jet has a value of 0.5, and the carburettor fuel screws are 1.5 inches. The float height, which is the height of the hollow cylindrical structure in the carburettor which actuates the fuel valve, is 11.5 +/- 2 mm.

Gear Value and Chain Spec

The gearing value of the Yamaha Venture 480, which is the gear ratio between the idler gear and the pinion gear, is 19/33. In addition, Venture 480 models commonly used 76L and 78L chaining.

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