1995 Yamaha Waveraider 700 Specs

1995 Yamaha Waveraider 700 Specs

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The 1995 Yamaha Waveraider 700 is known by Yamaha as the RA700T, and it was designed to be the fastest wave rider on the water in 1995. With a lightweight fiberglass hull, this model weighed 388 lbs without fuel. The 700 was the basic Waveraider model, but the specifications of this wave rider still provided a great deal of power for optimum performance.

General Specifications

The RA700 of 1995 had a hull model GH1 made of fiberglass, with a 62T engine. The body itself was 112.6 inches long, 44.1 inches wide at the widest point, and 38.2 inches in height. It used a jet pump propulsion system with axial flow and a single stage. The impeller rotation was counterclockwise and the transmission was a direct drive from engine. The steering angle was 23 degrees with a margin of one degree. In addition, the RA700 took regular gasoline, and two-stroke outboard motor oil. The fuel to oil mixing ration was 50:1. In 1995, the fuel tank capacity of the Waveraider 700 was 10.6 gallons, with an oil tank capacity of 1.1 gallons.

Engine & Performance Specifications

The engine of the 1995 Yamaha Waveraider 700 had a displacement of 701cc and a horsepower of 80. The two-stroke engine had two cylinders that produced a bore and stroke of 81mmX68mm. The compression ratio was 7.2:1. In addition, this model came standard with a reed valve, floatless intake system. There were also two carburetors with a choke starting system, loop charged scavenging system, oil injection lubrication system, used a water coolant, and had an electric starter. These specifications produced a maximum speed of 51.6 mph, a minimum turning radius of zero, and a maximum output of 80 horsepower to 6,250 rpm. The maximum fuel consumption was 9 gallons and the cruising range at full throttle was 1.2 hours.

Maintenance Specifications

For proper maintenance of your 1995 Yamaha Waveraider 700, you must know the maintenance specifications of the vehicle's 701 cc engine. The cylinder head's warpage limit was 0.004 inches, or 0.1mm. The cylinder's bore size was roughly 3.189 to 3.190 inches. The wear limit on the cylinder was 3.193 inches, and the taper limit was 0.003 inches. The out-of-round limit for the cylinders was 0.002 inches. Then, the piston was roughly 3.186 to 3.187 inches in size, with a measuring point of 0.4 inches. The piston clearance was between 0.0031 and 0.0033 inches. The limit was 0.005 inches, with an offset on the exhaust side of 0.02 inches. In addition, there was a Keystone piston ring. Then, the carburetor of the RA700T had a stamped mark of 62T01F.

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