Specifications for a Murray Motorsport Go Kart

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Murray is well known for manufacturing lawn tools, like riding and push mowers. But not all Murray products are made for work. The company also makes go karts, which are enjoyed by young and old alike. The Murray Motorsport go kart features a six-horsepower gas-powered engine, a chain driven transmission, brakes and durable tires for on and off-road terrain.

The Motor

The Motorsport runs on a six-horsepower motor manufactured by Tecumseh. It is an air-cooled, four-cycle single cylinder, 150 engine that runs on regular unleaded gasoline. Keep it lubricated with 20 ounces of SAE 30 weight oil.

The Starter

The Murray go kart uses a pull-rope, or recoil style, starter system. However, the kart also features a key operated on/off switch near the steering wheel that must be turned to the "on" position. This is meant to prevent unauthorized starting of the vehicle. There is also an engine on/off switch located near the recoil starter rope handle that must be flipped to the "on" position too before starting.

Tires and Brakes

The kart features durable, thick tires that can be used for on and off-road use. The rear tires measure 18 by 9.5 by 8 inches and the front tires measure 17 by 7 by 8 inches. Proper inflation for the tires is 10 pounds per square inch (PSI) for the rear tires and 6 PSI for the front tires. The kart also has a torsion-spring activated drive braking system.

Safety Features

The kart has numerous built-in features that enhance driver safety. The lower frame surrounding the driver's seat is padded. The kart also has padded roll bars, a seat belt with shoulder harness and an adjustable head rest. The go kart's seat slides back and forth for easy adjustment to accommodate different leg lengths.

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