Specifications for a Mercruiser 4.3

Specifications for a Mercruiser 4.3

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The MerCruiser 4.3L is a boat engine manufactured by Mercury Marine. There are several models of this engine: the 4.3L V-6, the 4.3 LH V-6, the 4.3L EFI V-6, and the 4.3 V-6 MPI. They share many similarities. The differences are primarily in the power output of the engines.

Mercruiser 4.3L/V-6 Specs

This engine is a 4-cycle, gasoline-powered V-6 engine with 262 cubic inches (4.3 liters) of displacement. Fuel is delivered via a carburetor. The engine provides 190 horse power to the propeller shaft at a maximum RPM (revolutions per minute) of 4,800. The electrical system is a 12-volt negative-ground system with a 72-amp alternator. Mercury Marine recommends a battery producing 375 cold-cranking amps (CCA) of power.

Mercruiser 4.3LH/V-6 Specs

The specs for this engine are the same as the 4.3L/V-6 except that this engine provides 15 additional horsepower (205 vs 190).

Mercruiser 4.3L EFI/V-6

This model has only three differences distinguishing it from the 4.3L/V-6. The engine produces 210 horse power (instead of 190), and requires the use of a battery with 550 CCA (vs. 375 on the 4.3L/V-6). This model also offers electronic fuel injection (EFI) instead of carburetion.

Mercruiser 4.3L MPI/V-6

This model provides 220 horse power, and is therefore the most powerful of the 4.3L lineup. This is achieved by means of its Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection. Otherwise, the specs are the same as those of the 4.3L EFI/V-6.

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