Specifications of the Bear Buckmasters BTR Compound Bow

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The Bear Buckmasters BTR compound bow is a relatively inexpensive weapon. It is primarily used for hunting deer. Compound means that the bow uses a pulley system with oblong wheels at the tips of the bow to propel the string forward along with the arrow projectile. This gives the hunter the advantage of "let-off," which allows the shooter to hold the string back and ready to fire for a longer time than the more traditional recurve bows. Bear bows are part of the Fred Bear line of archery equipment.

Arrow Velocity

With a 60-pound draw shooting a 540-grain arrow, the Bear Buckmasters BTR compound bow will shoot the arrow at 227 feet per second. With a 70-pound draw launching a 350-grain arrow, the arrow will achieve a velocity of 285 feet per second.


The factory set draw length is 29 inches. The length of the cable and string is adjustable, giving it a range of 28 to 30 inches in draw length. The draw weight range is from 60 to 70 pounds. The overall height of the bow (axle to axle) is 33 inches.

Sight and Arrow Rest

The sight is a three-pin, adjustable, fiber-optic sight. The arrow rest has dual launcher arms. A common complaint on this model is the poor-quality arrow rest. Most users replace this with a wisker brisket.

Quiver and Camshaft

The Bear Buckmasters BTR has a two-piece, four-arrow-capacity quiver. The quiver can hold both aluminum and carbon-fiber arrows. The camshaft is aluminum.


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