Fred Bear Epic Extreme Compound Bow Specifications

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Fred Bear Archery is a renowned brand in the archery community. It produces a variety of traditional wooden recurve bows and compound bows for hunters and archery enthusiasts. The Fred Bear Epic Extreme compound bow, although no longer in production, is a great example of Fred Bear's precision craftsmanship in the compound bow market.


The Epic Extreme is a very lightweight bow, weighing only 3 lbs. 15 oz. The bow is made from a straight block of machined aluminum, with a Type-T straight carbon-air quad limb size of 32 inches overall. This makes the bow not only lightweight but also very maneuverable in tight quarters and heavy brush -- and perfect for a tree stand and ground hunting alike.


The Epic Extreme has draw lengths ranging from 24 to 31 inches, with a 75 percent let-off value, perfect for archers of all arm lengths. It can send arrows flying at speeds of 303 feet per second, making an arrow capable of taking down very large game, such as whitetail deer, elk and bear. The average draw weights can range in the low area of 50 or 60 lbs. and can increase to more than 100 lbs. for stronger-armed shooters.


The Epic Extreme utilizes a single perimeter weighted cam system. The cam system, combined with a reflex machined riser and less than 8-inch brace height, allows for a fast pull and steady draw. Archers and hunters will find that the Epic Extreme cam system gives a free greased rolling effect. With appropriate draw weight settings and smooth cams, the Epic Extreme offers an ultra smooth shot and an ideal quick target engagement.

Hunting Use

The Epic Extreme bow is used widely in North American hunting of larger game animals, typically with whitetail and blacktail deer, but can easily take down any large game in the world according to Because the bow delivers so much force, you can't use it for smaller game, such as rabbits and squirrels. The Epic Extreme is, however, a perfect match for wild boar, turkey and big horn sheep.

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