Specifications for a 2002 PSE Thunderbolt Bow

Specifications for a 2002 PSE Thunderbolt Bow

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The Thunderbolt Bow has been made since 1997 with several different models. In 2002, Thunderbolt made three models: the Lightning Cam (LC), Maxis High Let-Off (MH) and Stinger Cam (SC). Each model is slightly different. Hunters must decide what advantages are greater for them and their style to determine what bow will work best for them.

Lightning Cam

The Lightning Cam bow has a 50- to 70-pound draw and 27- to 31-inch draw length. It will deliver the fastest arrow speed at 300 feet per second. The brace height is 7 inches, it is 36 inches from axle to axle and has an 80- to 65-percent let off.

Maxis High Let-Off

The Maxis High Let-Off has a 50- to 70-pound draw and 26- to 30-inch draw length. The MH offers Twin Cam Technology for high performance and a greater let-off. It has a 7-inch brace height and 300 feet per second arrow speed. It is 38 inches from axle to axle and has a 75-percent let-off.

Stinger Cam

The Stinger Cam has a 40- to 60- pound draw and 23- to 27-inch draw length. The Stinger Cam offers a pivoting module for easy draw length adjustment. It has a 6.5-inch brace height, 278 feet per second arrow speed, measures 37.5 inches axle to axle and has a 75=percent let-off.


All three models of the Thunderbolt weigh 3 pounds, 9 ounces. Each Thunderbolt bow is also tested for arrow speed by the International Bowhunters Organization (IBO). The IBO uses an average speed of bows with a maximum pull or draw weight of 70 pounds, arrow grain weight of 350 and draw length of 30 inches. The IBO uses a chronograph to measure the speed. The chronograph is placed at point blank range for greater accuracy.

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