Specifications for the Aquaterra Keowee Kayak

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Perception Kayaks, also the maker of Aquaterra kayaks, produced the Keowee line of recreational kayaks in the mid 1990s. These playboats had wide beams, and solid primary stability. The Keowees had open cockpits and were designed for lake, pond and slow moving river use. Keowees are available on used kayak sites and from sports dealers.


The one person Keowee is 9 feet 2 inches long and has a width of 29 inches at the beam---the widest point of the kayak near the cockpit. The Keowee weighs 38 lbs. and the cockpit is 39.5 inches long by 17.5 inches wide.

Keowee 2

The Keowee 2 is a two person recreational kayak. The Keowee 2 has a length of 12 feet 10 inches. The kayak weighs 61 lbs. and has a maximum width at the beam of 32.5 inches. The cockpit is 7 feet long with a width of 26 inches.


The Jocasee is the largest in the Keowee recreational line offered from Aquaterra. The Jocasee is a 16 feet 6 inch long, two-person kayak. It weighs 80 lbs. and has a width at the beam of 32.5 inches. The cockpit is 7 feet long and 26 inches wide.