Skidoo 670 Torque Specs

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The Skidoo 670 is a snowmobile that was manufactured in 1997 by Skidoo with the official model name MX Z 670. It has a 670cc, two cylinder engine that is liquid cooled. Torquing the nuts and bolts on your Skidoo to specific values will help to make sure that you don't over-tighten them, causing stripping or breaking. Under-torquing can cause nuts to come loose and your engine to malfunction.

Magnetic Flywheel Nut

The magnetic flywheel nut must be torqued to 92 foot-pounds.

Cylinder Head Nut

The cylinder head nut needs 21 foot-pounds of torque to be secured properly.

Crankcase Nut

The M6 nut must be torqued to 6 foot-pounds, and the M8 nut must be torqued to 21 foot-pounds.

Crankcase/Support Nut

The crankcase/support nut requires a torque of 30 foot-pounds.

Cylinder/Crank Nut

The cylinder/crank nut needs 21 foot-pounds of torque.


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