How to Set the Suunto Core

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The Suunto Core is an outdoor sports watch with a durable construction popular with outdoor enthusiasts such as cyclists, snorkelers and mountain climbers. It has useful outdoor features like a compass with weather information, a storm alarm, an altitude meter, a barometer and a depth meter for snorkeling. The Core comes in a variety of styles and it's easy to set up and program the general settings.

Program General Settings

Set the time by pressing the mode button to enter the main menu. Press the [-LIGHT] button to scroll to the time/date section and select "time." Use the [+] and [-LIGHT] button to set the hours and minutes and press [MODE] to save and exit. Back at the main menu, scroll to "time/date" and select "date." Use the [+] and [-LIGHT] buttons to set the year, month and day values and press [MODE] to exit. The Core allows you to also set the time for a different time zone. To do this press the [MODE] button and scroll to "time/date" and select "dual time." Use the [+] and [-LIGHT] buttons to set the hour and minute values for a different time zone.


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