How to Change the Temperature on a Suunto

How to Change the Temperature on a Suunto

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Many of the products offered by Finnish sports wristwatch maker Suunto include automatic temperature compensation and a thermometer. Temperature compensation is used by the barometer and altimeter. It adjusts for the current temperature so the device can display accurate pressure and altitude readings. The thermometer operates like a regular room thermometer and provides ambient temperature, although it can be affected by your body heat, so special instructions apply for this. The temperature can also be changed to display either Fahrenheit or Celsius readings.

Remove the Suunto device from your wrist to change the temperature to a more accurate reading if the temperature reading seems inaccurate. Body heat can affect accuracy. Keep the Suunto away from heat sources like your body for 15 minutes, and try the reading again.

Change the temperature display to show either Celsius to Fahrenheit readings by pressing the "Mode" button until the arrow or indicator is at "Time" on the display bar. Press "Mode" and "Select" together for three seconds until "Set" shows on the display. Press "Select" twice until "C" or "F" flashes. Press "Plus" to toggle between the two options. The Suunto will automatically exit the setup after one minute.

Keep the wristwatch in an environment that between minus five degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit to obtain accurate pressure readings. Within this range the temperature compensation will function properly and the pressure displayed will be correct.

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