How to Set Up a Ping Pong Table Net

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Ping-pong is a fun, challenging game that requires minimal setup. The most challenging aspect of setting up your table is hanging the net, but it's still a simple task that can be completed in a few minutes.

Items you will need

  • Standard ping-pong net, consisting of two clamp-mounted poles and a net

Position your table before trying to set up the net. Some tables are difficult to move without disturbing or damaging a hung net.

Attach the first clamp to one side of the ping-pong table along the median line, with the pole sticking up.

Slide one end of the ping-pong net over the pole extending up from the clamp.

Attach the second clamp to the table directly across from the first clamp.

Slide the other end of the net over the second pole.


  • The net should be taut when hung. If it is hanging slack, adjust one clamp so that it sits slightly further out until the net is tight. Most nets have a string that's threaded through the top of the net. The end of the string can be secured near the clamp, creating a taut line across the top of the net.
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