Cougar Flats II Tent Instructions

Cougar Flats II Tent Instructions

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The Columbia Cougar Flats II tent is a large cabin-style shelter. The tent sleeps up to eight individuals and has two rooms and two doors. The rain fly may be adjusted to create an awning and allow airflow in hot weather, and one of the rooms converts into a partial screen room. The tent is ideal for large groups and long-term camping. The setup requires several individuals to control the materials and properly erect the shelter.

Items you will need

  • Tent

  • Poles

  • Stakes

  • Rain fly

Slide the two light-green poles through the roof sleeves. The poles and sleeves are color-coded to create a matching system. Slide the orange poles through the orange roof sleeves to complete the roof assembly. Attach the clips located on the roof to the roof poles.

Attach the dark-green poles to the three-way connector at the ends of the light-green poles. The short, dark-green poles add support to each short side of the tent. Attach the four red poles to the green three-way connectors at each corner of the tent roof. Insert the pins located on the bottom corners of the tent into the ends of the poles. This will raise the body of the tent.

Attach the yellow poles to the three-way connectors on the ends of the orange poles. Insert the pins on the base of the tent into the ends of the poles. This will completely erect and support the body of the tent.

Walk around the tent and attach all of the clips to the tent poles. Pull on the tent corners to tighten the fabric and use a rock or mallet to pound stakes through the ground loops on the base of the tent.

Drape the fly over the top of the tent. Align the corners and attach the hooks to the loops located at the base of each pole. Secure the Velcro straps to the poles for extra support. Assemble the small black poles and insert the end of each pole into the pockets located on the door edges of the fly. This will create a peak over the fly.


  • Tie the tent to a tree or boulder for extra security in windy environments. The tent is heavy, but high winds can push it over.


  • Use two people to attach the legs to the roof. Place one person on each side to help lift the roof and erect the tent. One person for each of the six legs will also make it possible raise the entire tent at once.
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