Instructions for a Wenzel Tent

Instructions for a Wenzel Tent

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Wenzel has been an industry leader in outdoor products since the company's beginning in 1887. Wenzel manufactures a large variety of outdoor products such as tents, sleeping bags, air-beds, and outdoor lighting. The most popular of all Wenzel tents is the traditional dome-style tent, typically used for parties of two, and available large enough to sleep 5 to 7 people. The setup of a dome style tent is generally universal with Wenzel products as well as with many other manufacturers of dome-style tents. Wenzel tents also come handy with detailed instructions on tent setup as well as a toll-free number to call for customer support. You should read the instruction manual thoroughly prior to setting up your tent for the best results.

Items you will need

  • Wenzel dome tent

Clear away any debris from your selected camping area and place the tent out flat on the ground. Pull all corners out taut.

Assemble the interlocking tent poles. Three sets of poles will come with the tent--two for the structure and one for the tent fly support. The two tent structure poles will have 10 interlocking sections, and the fly pole will have six sections. Fit them together end to end until the poles are straight.

Slide the two tent poles through the two pole sleeves that run in an X pattern on the tent.

Fit the pole ends into the pole grommets on each corner of the tent. The poles will form an arch and stand up.

Fasten the tent poles with the clip/hooks located on the corner seams of the tent.

Drape the rain fly over the tent, then insert the fly pole between the apex of the tent and the fly. There will be a small pocket on both sides of the tent fly. Insert the pole into both pockets on the fly.

Fasten the Velcro straps located on the underside of the fly to the tent poles. Clip the fly hooks to the loop located about a half foot from the bottom of each tent corner.

Stake the tent down by placing the tent stakes into the metal rings located at each corner of the tent. Hammer them into the ground securely.


  • You can use a tarp or a tent footprint to place on the ground prior to laying the tent out. This will protect the bottom of your tent.
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