How to Set Up an Exxel Disney Princess 4 Piece 2-Pole Dome Tent

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The Disney Princess dome tent uses a simple, two-pole design. The tent is easy to erect and it may be used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor use is designed for fair weather, as the tent will not withstand heavy abuse by the elements. The tent has a pink design with princess characters printed on the fabric, and it may be purchased with a matching sleeping bag and backpack as part of the Explorer pack.

Remove the materials from the packaging and spread them out on the ground. Lay the tent on the ground and tug on the corners to create the floor and expose the pole pockets on each corner.

Assemble the two poles by connecting the ferrules on each piece. Slide the poles through the two sleeves. The sleeves are diagonal and the poles will cross. Place the end of each pole in the nearest pole pocket to erect the tent. Connect the S-clips on the tent to the poles.

Drape the small fly over the the hole in the top of the tent. Locate the loop on the top of each sleeve and connect the S-hook on each corner of the fly to one of the loops. Unzip the door to enter the tent.


  • Do not use excessive pressure to bend the tent poles. The pressure may cause the poles to break.


  • Assemble the tent in an open area where parts will not become lost and you will not jam the poles into walls and ceilings.


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