How to Put Together an REI Half Dome 2 Plus Tent

How to Put Together an REI Half Dome 2 Plus Tent

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The REI Half Dome 2 Plus tent is an enlarged version of the original Half Dome 2 model. The tent has an additional 10 inches of length and is several inches wider than the original. The design is an answer to the demand for a tent that accommodates larger-than-average people. Erecting the tent is not a complicated process and the poles and sleeves are color-coded to reduce any potential complications.

Remove the tent, poles, rain fly and stakes from the stuff sack. Select a flat tent site and lay the tent body on the ground. Rotate the tent body until the doors are facing the desired direction.

Assemble the two long tent poles. The pole segments are connected by a ferrule and each pole has a hub in the center. Lay the poles lengthwise on the tent. Be sure the color-coded ends are aligned with the matching color grommets.

Assemble the small ridge pole and slide it through the hubs to connect all three poles. Place the black ends of the long poles in the black grommets on two corners. Place the opposite orange ends in the orange corner grommets to bend the poles.

Locate the orange grommets on the roof of the tent and attach the grommets to the ends of the ridge pole. Attach the clips located along the tent body to the poles to completely form the tent. Use a rock to hammer stakes through the ground loops on the tent body.

Place the fly on top of the tent. Rotate the fly until the corner grommets align with the color-coded grommets on the tent corners. Locate the orange grommets on the interior of the fly. Attach the grommets to the ridge pole. Locate the loops on the fly interior and attach the loops to the poles. Pull the fly corners to the ground and connect the fly grommets to the tips of the tent poles. Use a rock to pound stakes through the fly ground loops.


  • This is a three-season tent and it is not designed for winter use. The tent may become damaged if subjected to heavy snow loads.


  • Attach the optional guy line to the tent in windy conditions. Either stake the guy line to the ground or tie it to a tree to anchor the tent.
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