How to Put Up a Two-Room Hillary Tent

How to Put Up a Two-Room Hillary Tent

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The Hillary line of tents sold by Sears is comprised of a variety of styles, with the two-room model being among the larger. The two-room tent is spacious and can sleep up to six people. It is ideal for family and group outings and is suggested for use as a three-season tent. The tent is not designed for winter camping and will not support the weight of snow. The center divider can be removed to have a large, single room or hung to create a privacy screen.

Items you will need

  • Hammer or rock

Select a level, flat area for the tent site. Remove rocks and sticks from the ground in the area to create a comfortable sleeping pad. Remove the tent and its interior divider sheet, stakes, poles and rain fly from the tent's stuff sack.

Lay the tent on the ground and spread it out flat with its bottom on the ground. Rotate the tent until the door is facing the desired direction. Pound the stakes through the ground loops with a hammer or rock to secure the tent to the ground. Pull the floor tight as you pound the stakes.

Connect the individual pole sections to assemble the two long poles. Slide the poles through the diagonal sleeves on top of the tent to create an "X." Place the end of each pole in the corresponding grommet to raise the main body of the tent.

Connect the individual sections of the remaining poles -- two medium poles and one small pole. Slide the medium poles through the sleeves on the side of the tent. Place the end of each pole in the corresponding grommet to create a rigid tent body.

Lay the rain fly on top of the tent. Arrange the fly with the peak in line with the tent door. Secure the Velcro straps, located on the inside of the fly, to the tent poles. Connect the hooks located at each corner of the fly to the tent poles. Slide each end of the small pole into the peak grommets to create a ridge above the tent door.

Attach the divider sheet to the Velcro holders located inside the tent. The divider, which creates a second room, is optional.


  • Do not assemble the tent during periods of high wind. The tent body will catch the wind like a parachute and could blow away.


  • Practice assembling the tent before going camping to ensure everything is functional.
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