How to Set Up a Bear Black Panther Compound Bow

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Bear Black Panther compound bows are relatively easy to use, but before you can shoot one, it is important that you properly set up the bow to maximize your range and effectiveness. This includes properly sighting in the bow's aim and installing the correct components of the bow based on your style of shooting. Once you complete the set up, the Bear Black Panther compound bow will give you years of effective and accurate shooting.

Step 1

Install the arrow rest onto the bow. The arrow rest must be installed so that the center point of the arrow is positioned between the two screw holes that mount the arrow rest to the bow. Install the arrow rest loosely into these screws, then knock an arrow into the bowstring at its shooting position. Align the center of the arrow between the screws and then tighten down the arrow rest with a screwdriver.

Step 2

Hold a second arrow against the bow riser just above the arrow that rests in the arrow rest, and then look down both arrows. They should be parallel to one another down their entire lengths. This sets up the bow's center line. If the measure is off, adjust the bow riser accordingly with a screwdriver.

Step 3

Install the bow's knocking point. This is a small brass fitting that holds securely onto the string. It is crimped in place with pliers. To position this properly, hold a woodworking square up to the string and arrow, ensuring that they are at a perfect 90-degree angle to one another. Once they are, install the arrow knocking point either above or below the arrow's knock on the string, depending on your preference.

Step 4

Sight in your bow with a standard archery target using the dials located on the sight. This is the most difficult part of the setup process, but you can accomplish it with a little patience. Fire an arrow at a stationary archery target positioned approximately 10 yards from your position. If the arrow hits the target high, adjust the bow sight down and fire again. If it is low on the second shot, adjust the sight back up halfway from where you started and fire again.

Step 5

Install the remaining accessories that you want on your bow. These may include sights or arrow holders. Install them according to their specific manufacturer's instructions for proper fit. This will complete the setup of your Black Panther compound bow.

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