Romantic Camping Games

by Cindy Blankenship
Cozy up to the campfire for romantic play.

Cozy up to the campfire for romantic play.

The crackle of a fire, fresh air and starry skies make camping a romantic activity for outdoorsy couples and even novice campers. Whether or not the elements cooperate, fan the romantic flames by putting a starry-eyed spin on traditional camping games, from games played at the picnic table to in the woods, and depending on where you're at in the relationship, maybe even the tent.

Treasure Hunt

Put an enticing twist on the traditional campground treasure hunt. Create clues that express your fondness for one another. Each clue leads to the next clue placed at something in the campground or in the surrounding area, such as on a nature trail. For example, a clue leading to a small pond might read "For the next clue and to see a beautiful face, look close into this place," and the next clue note could be placed in a waterproof container in the shallows of a pond. The last clue leads to a romantic reward such as you waiting in the tent with Champagne and strawberries. Caution: do not bring food into your tent if you're camping in bear country. Or if the clues have led your honey away from the campground, you have time to set the picnic table with linens, long-stem glasses and something special on the grill.

Words of Love

Scrabble is a board game that works well at camp - the tiles used to create words won't blow off the picnic table, should a breeze pick up. Doesn't sound romantic? It is when you add a new rule: All words you and your honey create must relate to romance. Create words that have special meaning for the two of you, such as the name of the place where you first kissed. Other words that count are names of places, movies and songs you've loved together. Words relating to romance like "love" also count. Add spark with words that describe physical and personality features that attract you to each other, a great way for more established couples to rekindle those initial flames.

Stack the Cards

Many adults play poker by the light of lanterns at the campground's picnic table. Up the ante in a game of poker for you just you two: Assigning values to the poker chips such as massages. Or let him cash in on something like being hand-fed a luscious campfire-cooked snack. Depending on the stakes, play this type of poker at the picnic table with romantic candles or lanterns -- or in the privacy of your tent with battery powered lanterns.

Fireside Play

Since it's just the two of you relaxing in the glow and warmth of the camp fire, put a romantic spin on these games: Play the alphabet game with the rule that you name a feature of your honey that begins with the letter you have. For letters that don't work, make up a name or use an adjective. The more fun you have the better, so be as sexy, romantic or silly as suits you. Other campfire games that lend themselves well to couples campfire fun include "Truth or Dare" and "20 Questions." Both encourage closeness through learning endearing and insightful things about about each other.


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