Ideas for Scary Camping Pranks

Ideas for Scary Camping Pranks

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Camping is a time to relax and enjoy the great outdoors as well as an ideal time to play scary pranks on family and friends. The outdoor setting with lack of lighting, desolate backdrops and natural noises makes an ideal place for a scary setup. Properly preparing your prank will leave others off-guard and frightened until you reveal you had set them up.

Missing Camper

The missing camper prank is done best in the morning when people are waking up and not fully aware of what's going on. Sneak out of the campsite before the others wake up and create a scene as if there were a struggle, to make people think you were taken forcibly. You can collapse your tent, throw clothing items amongst the camp, create drag marks and place fake blood on random items.

Distant Noises

Camping in a remote location causes a campsite to become eerily quiet and dark at night. Many campers are frightened by distant noises due to them not knowing what is making them. Place a small tape recorder or radio in a wooded area near your campsite with a recording of scary animal and ghost sounds. It is essential that you can activate the sounds either remotely or by sneaking into the area and giving yourself enough time to get back so people don't suspect that you are up to something.

Tent Snake

Due to the presence of wild animals in most camping locations, campers become sensitive to phobias of creatures like snakes, mice and bats. Purchase toy snakes that have a life-like look and feel to bring along with you to the campsite. Place the snakes in the sleeping bag of someone scared of snakes, so when he crawls into bed, he'll have a scary surprise waiting for him. Add to the prank by saying you've seen several snakes throughout the day to make everyone aware that they're in the area.

Bear Attack

If you are camping in an area that has native bears, then a staged bear attack will scare unsuspecting campers that are sleeping. Obtain a tape recording of a bear growling and play it loudly in the middle of the night while breaking nearby branches and throwing camp items around people's tents. The growls and commotion will wake the sleepers and frighten and confuse them as they'll be half-asleep and not thinking rationally.

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