How to Replace the Seats on Bass Boats

How to Replace the Seats on Bass Boats

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Bass boat seats can often be repaired by adding new upholstery but many owners choose to completely replace the seats because it is cost effective. Seats that have been exposed to the elements for a long period of time will wear, tear and eventually begin to omit a foul odor. Replacing the seats is typically the best option when the damage is extensive enough to create a moldy odor. The seats can be replaced in a short amount of time with basic tools.

Items you will need

  • Replacement seats

  • Drill

  • Phillips bit

Bench Seats

Use a drill with a Phillips bit to remove all of the screws that hold a bench seat in place. If the seat base is in good shape, use the drill to remove the hinge screws from the lid.

Measure the dimensions of the bench or the lid depending on the desired replacement. Contact the boat manufacturer or a marine seat manufacturer and order a replacement in the exact size.

Replace the lid or the bench with the new seat. Use the existing holes and matching screws to install the new seat.

Pedestal Seats

Use a crescent wrench to remove the bolts that tie the seat to the pedestal base. Remove the seat and save the bolts and nuts for the new seat.

Locate a new seat that matches the pedestal dimensions. The bolt holes must line up between the pedestal and seat base. There are numerous manufacturers that have seats designed for standard bass boat pedestals.

Place the new seat on the pedestal and insert the bolts to lock the seat in place. Use a crescent wrench to the tighten the bolts and secure the new seat.


  • Ensure that the seats are secure to the boat before driving at high speeds. Loose seats are a hazard on high horsepower bass boats.


  • You can remove the entire pedestal if it is damaged but it may only require polish. The pedestals on bass boats are durable and difficult to damage.
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